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Ford Wreckers Brisbane

We are leading Ford Wreckers Brisbane and respect the interest of people in the brand and thus brings the opportunity to trade their existing Ford vehicle at handsome deals so that they can buy new ones.People love to own a Ford vehicle and boast it to their friends as it is quite popular for being a revolutionary car. There is no doubt that the number of vehicles running on the roads under the brand name of Ford are quite high. At King Car Wreckers Brisbane, you get the handsome opportunity to bring your Ford car and sell it to us at very attractive prices.

Have your Ford picked up by Car Wreckers Brisbane free of cost

At Car Wreckers Brisbane, we leave our customers free of all stress and worries with connection to having their vehicle picked up. We offer assurance of timely completion of all legal formalities in this relation and also offer multiple zones and locations from which pickup can be made. Thus, our customers face no hassle in disposing off their old Ford cars through us. We deal across a large array of models which are picked up by us. SO, no matter which model of your Ford vehicle you own, we offer an exchange for each one of them.

Send in your Ford in any condition with a guarantee of exchange

Car Wreckers Brisbane extends its services not just across vehicles that are shining and give off a mirror gloss. We understand that our customer would obviously wish to exchange a vehicle that is no more desirable for him, for whatever reason. We offer an exchange for every type of vehicle, whether new or old, tainted or perfect. No questions asked, we make sure that we offer endless choices to our customers.

Get handy used spare parts for Ford vehicles

We also understand that for existing users of Ford vehicles, sourcing authentic spare parts might pose an issue. Therefore, we vouch to make them available for our customers. All spare parts for Ford vehicles can be found at Car Wreckers Brisbane at very reasonable prices. The second hand spare parts are certified and tested by our engineers to ensure that they are defect free. Only after we make sure that al the second hand goods are as per the demand, do we proceed to make a sale to our customer. You can also be assured that you will find the best price for these second hand goods at Car Wreckers Brisbane.

Get attractive cash offers for your Ford vehicle

We offer wholesome prices and deals in exchange for your Ford vehicle. You will find that the deals that are offered by Car Wreckers Brisbane are simply alluring and the best in the market place. So what are you waiting for? Bring your Ford vehicle to King wreckers leading Ford Wreckers Brisbane and get it exchanged for amazing cash deals.

Whether you need parts for your Ford car, or a ford used engine and gear box, one of king wreckers fully experienced and helpful staff will be there to assist you. The team at king wreckers are skilled in their field and take pride in every job undertaken. You can feel free to browse our Super Store and ask one of our professionals for help.